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We would be happy if you would like to contribute something to our Habari magazine! We cordially invite you to submit your application topic- or project-related contributions.


The next issue (01/2023) will have the topic "Tourism".

As the largest foreign exchange earner, tourism is the main driver of the Tanzanian economy and thus has great potential, directly or indirectly, to contribute to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. However, the corona pandemic has shown how fragile this employment-intensive sector is. The number of tourists, which has been rising sharply again for some time, gives the impression that the crisis has long since been overcome. On this study day, we would like to address the question of the risks and downsides associated with the tourism boom. For example, around 70,000 Maasai are acutely threatened with displacement. The planned cable car to the top of Kilimanjaro would also have fatal consequences for the mountain's unique flora and fauna. In addition to the problem areas addressed here, the chances of tourism for the development of the country should be worked out. What can tourism in Tanzania look like that respects human rights and from which as many people as possible benefit (SDG 8) and which is also sustainable and protects the environment (SDG 13-15)? In addition to imparting contextual knowledge and the associated change of perspective, the participants should create a concrete reference to action and become aware of their own responsibility as travelers in Tanzania and in other parts of the world.

You get involved, do research or work in the field of tourism in Tanzania etc.? Then please present your work and write an article for HABARI magazine!

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How do I submit a Habari entry?

Either you contact the Habari editorial team (redaktion (at) tanzania-network.de) with your idea and wait for feedback, or you write an article and email it to the Habari editorial team (redaktion (at) tanzania -network.de). Please heed the following information:

  • The deadline for the next issue (02/2023) is May 22nd 2023
  • Send article as a Word document without any formatting
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