#Beziehungsweise - Towards a new understanding in partnership work

Studientag Herbst 2021

Series of online events from November 9th to November 27th, 2021

Numerous partnerships between groups from Germany and Tanzania connect people from multifaceted realities. We all know how important regular meetings and exchanges are and how they can turn into deep friendships and sustainable partnerships.  A lot of heart and soul goes into this partnership work and has already moved a lot. It supports mutual understanding and sensitizes for global connections.

October 13th: Tanzania-NetTalk - The new Mobile Money Transaction Levy

Mobile Money transaction

Transferring money by mobile phone is a popular and easy way of payment in Tanzania. To raise the much-needed tax revenues, the government imposed a new levy system on mobile money transactions, which came into effect on 15 July. This led to protests among the Tanzanian public. According to mobile phone operators, millions of customers, especially in rural areas, had already stopped their mobile money transactions because of the increased costs.

TANZANIA-NetTALK: President Samia Suluhu Hassan - Hope for a change in politics?

Tanzania-NetTalk: Präsidentin Samia Suluhu Hassan

In our upcoming NetTalk, we will talk about the current political situation in Tanzania, listen to different voices in the country and discuss the expectations connected to the new president, Samia Suluhu Hassan.

Until now, politics in Tanzania was more of a male domain – women and their concerns were underrepresented. What does president Samia as the first woman to lead the country mean for Tanzania from a feminist perspective?  Will she bring about a change for women in society and politics? And what can be expected from her politically in general?

Register now: Online-Seminar "Inclusion - being different together"


October 31, November 18., 20. and 28.2020 Online via Zoom
Living together in solidarity in a diverse society – this postulates that every person is an equitable part of the community and is granted equal opportunities from the start. The term inclusion refers to just that and can be understood on different levels: political, social, economic, theoretical or pragmatical – for example when looking at the participation of people with physical impairments or learning difficulties.