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Tanzania-NetTalks: A glimpse into everyday life in times of Corona / now online: German translation

Tanzania Nettalk

The recording of our livestream "A glimpse into everyday life in times of Corona" as well as a German tranlation is now available on our YouTube Chanel:


Date: 16.06.2020, 6p.m. (GER)- Corona: What is the situation like in Tanzania? Media reports vary widely and are often politically motivated: From “Corona-free” like president Magufuli recently claimed to “crowded hospitals” and “secret nightly funerals”. But how did and still does Corona change people's daily life? In this first issue of our NetTalk series we take a glimpse into everyday life in times of Corona. We will interview four people from Tanzania, who tell us how they are doing right now, what has changed for them and what negative and maybe positive aspects of the crisis they see.<

We are looking forward to an exciting conversation!

The NetTalk will be in Kiswahili which will be translated to English.

The talk will be streamed live via Youtube:

Der NetTalk findet auf Kiswahili mit Übersetzung ins Englische statt. Er wird aufgezeichnet und in der Originalversion sowie in einer deutschen Übersetzung später auf unserem Youtubekanal zu sehen sein.