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Seminar "On the move: Diaspora – Tanzanians in Germany"

April 12th to 13th, 2019 in Cologne – Tagungs- und Gästehaus St. Georg

Tagungs- und Gästehaus St. Georg
Rolandstraße 61
50677 Cologne

Tanzanians have been part of German society since decades. We would like to celebrate this by inviting everyone to share their life, their family stories and their own experiences.

We will talk about life in a foreign country, about family ties to Tanzania and the socio-cultural and historical impacts of the diaspora on both Tanzania and Germany. We will look into the influence that Tanzanians living abroad have on their communities of origin. Which role do they play through social media? What about their contributions through financial remittances, which play an important role in developing business ventures or in financing education?

A Tanzanian diaspora which engages actively in the society makes African voices heard and black perspectives seen. It can help to strengthen a diverse and cosmopolitan German society in times of growing right-wing tendencies in Germany.

There are plenty of fascinating topics to dive into and we are looking very much forward to an exciting exchange of thoughts and ideas!

The seminar is open to everyone.

After the seminar will be a General meeting of

Online reservation (in German).

Download the invitation and registration formular for the seminar in English as PDF.

Tagungs- und Gästehaus St. Georg, Köln