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Seminar " Around the Globe - Volunteers on the move"

Thousands of young people have already completed a volunteer service in Tanzania. For 10 years now, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development has been supporting the North-South volunteer programmes in numerous countries of the global South with its "weltwärts" programme. Due to considerable pressure from the civil society, the “weltwärts” programme is no longer a one-way street. Since 2014 volunteers from Tanzania and other countries of the global South are doing a federal volunteers service in Germany.

A volunteer service is a formative and life-changing experience, especially for young people. They get to know and reflect on life and the world, global opportunities and challenges, political contexts, social networks and economic dependencies. The majority of the returnees are committed to global justice and fight for a fairer world after their volunteer service.

The aim of the seminar is to share experiences, to present different perspectives and to reflect on them. The perspectives of the South-North volunteers, of returnees, of host organisations, and of state actors will be heard. Presentations, workshops and discussions provide insights from an academic and personal point of view: What can volunteer services achieve? Where are their limits?

Open Stage on Saturday Evening

Your volunteer service has inspired you to write music, poems, thoughts or to something completely different? Here you can share your critical – creative work with others. If you have any questions or would like to participate, please send an email to kreativattanzania-network [dot] de by October 1st.


17:30 karibu sana - welcome - arriving
18:00 Who am I and who are you? - Getting to know each other and networking - Eating together
19:30 My volunteer service and my life - Reflection and outlook on how a volunteer service shapes individual journeys through life
20:30 Well connected?! - Tanzania-Network and us: how can and do (former) volunteers network?
09:30 Welcome and introduction introduction to the topic "Around the Globe - Volunteers on the Move".
Interview with Annette Chammas, Desk Officer at German Ministry for Development Cooperation, Division Z 32; Civic engagement, weltwärts, Engagement Global, Moderation: Aneth Lwakatare-Thumm (
10:30 WS I: Franziska Müller: We are learning not (only) for life, but for the world!? - Reflecting experiences during Volunteer Services
  WS II: Maria Ringler: Falling in Love during a Volunteer Service
  WS III: Aisha Athumani und Anna-Bonny Krause: Theatre Workshop: Images in our Heads
  WS IV: Zugvögel e.V.: Engagement after Return - About Privileges and Partnerships
13:00 Lunch
14:00 WS III: Aisha Athumani und Anna-Bonny Krause: Theatre Workshop: Images in our heads
  WS V: Baraka Lwakatare: Between claim and reality. South North Volunteers in Germany
  WS V: Christoph Pinkert: Political Objectives, Colonial Heritage and Individual Aspirations in Volunteer Services. Who Benefits from this Commitment?
  WS VII: Sarah Naqvi: over Images - Visual Language and Effects of Different Forms of Presentation
16:30 Coffee and Cake
17:00 Podium: Volunteer services – everything ok?
Panel discussion with Christoph Pinkert (rassismuskritischer Trainer), Baraka Lwakatare und Frank Fabian Daffa (ehemaliger Süd-Nord-Freiwilliger), Cäcilie Raiser, Secretary of the eFeF Office (eFeF = Protestant Forum for Voluntary Services in Development Cooperation)
Moderation: Aneth Lwakatare-Thumm (
18:30 Dinner
20:00 Music, poems, thoughts ... - Performances by (former) volunteers
09:00 Charlotte Weber: Workshop “idea mill”: volunteering – where do we go from here?
12:00 Prospects and recommendations
12:30 Lunch

The seminar is open to everyone.

Download the invitation and registration formular for the seminar in English as PDF.

After the seminar will be a General meeting of which is open to everyone interested.


Online reservation (in German).

Berlin (Alte Feuerwache)