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Online-Seminar and Workshops "Inclusion - Being Different Together"


 "Inclusion - Being Different Together" on 31. October, 18., 20. and 28. November online via Zoom

Living together in solidarity in a diverse society – this postulates that every person is an equitable part of the community and is granted equal opportunities from the start. The term inclusion refers to just that and can be understood on different levels: political, social, economic, theoretical or pragmatical – for example when looking at the participation of people with physical impairments or learning difficulties.

Welcome to the Online Seminar "Human Rights in Tanzania

Was interessiert an Menschenrechten in Tansania

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 formulated fundamental rights for human coexistence. The process it started is a continuous challenge in all parts of the world. With the "African Charter of Human and Peoples' Rights", African countries have set their own accent and defined what is important to them in their situation. The Tanzanian constitution also recognises the importance of human rights. As in all states, there is a discourse in the society about the implementation of these rights. Freedom of opinion and freedom of assembly are current issues.

Seminar " Around the Globe - Volunteers on the move"

Thousands of young people have already completed a volunteer service in Tanzania. For 10 years now, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development has been supporting the North-South volunteer programmes in numerous countries of the global South with its "weltwärts" programme. Due to considerable pressure from the civil society, the “weltwärts” programme is no longer a one-way street. Since 2014 volunteers from Tanzania and other countries of the global South are doing a federal volunteers service in Germany.