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Online-Seminar "Tourism in Tanzania"

Online Seminar Series “Tourism in Tanzania” from April 17th to April 22nd, 2023

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Tourism is one of the most important driving forces of the Tanzanian economy. However, the Covid pandemic has shown the sector’s fragility. Recently the numbers of tourists have increased significantly again and the crisis seems to have been overcome. The government is investing massively in tourism marketing and infrastructure.
In this seminar, we would like to talk about the chances and risks that are associated with tourism in Tanzania. What price do people and the environment pay, especially at places that are located close to touristic hotspots?
What kind of tourism is needed to ensure that human rights are respected? What does sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism look like that meets people's needs?
How can you as a tourist contribute to these goals yourself?

This series of online events takes place in cooperation with Tourism Watch (Bread for the World) and the Swiss NGO 'fairunterwegs'.

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March 27th, 2023 (7 p.m. EAT): Prelude: NetTalk on the documentary film "The Royal Tour Tanzania”

April 17th, 2023 (8 p.m. EAT): Introduction to the topic: Chances and risks of tourism
•    Antje Monshausen (Tourism Watch): Global overview
•    Mathias Hack (Uni Leipzig): Tourism in Tanzania: History and Discourse

April 21st, 2023 (8 p.m. EAT): Panel on the topics:
•    National Parks: Conservation vs. human rights: with Dr. Mordecai Ogada, co-author of "The Big Conservation Lie - The Untold Story of Wildlife Conservation in Kenya".
•    Cultural tourism with Mr. Elly Maturo, Head of the Department of Tourism at Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA)
•    Women in the tourism sector with Mary C. Kalikawe, Chairperson of AWOTTA (Association of Women in Tourism in Tanzania) 

April 22nd, 2023 (9 p.m. EAT): 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.: 
“Me as a tourist” - from knowledge to action with the G.L.Ü.C.K. formula" Workshop with Vera Thaler of fairunterwegs (in German Language only)



Mathias Hack is a historian who works on topics of German colonial history, (post-) colonial reappraisal and the history of tourism at the University of Leipzig. His doctoral project focuses on the criticism of tourism in East Africa between 1970 and 2000.

Antje Monshausen is head of the Economics and Sustainability Division in the Policy Department of Bread for the World, where she also led the Tourism Watch office from 2012-2022.

Mr. Elly Maturo is currently heading the Department of Tourism at Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA) HQ Based in Morogoro – Tanzania. Before joining TAWA in July, 2021 from Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB), Elly Maturo has long served as a Research and Tourism Development expert -serving as Country Coordinator for Cultural Tourism Programme under TTB for 10 years.

Dr. Mordecai Ogada is a carnivore ecologist and conservation writer who has been involved in conservation policy and practice for over 20 years in Kenya and other parts of Africa, mainly on human-wildlife conflict mitigation and carnivore conservation and community engagement. He is co -author of the Book "The Big Conservation Lie" written with John Mbaria.

Mary C. Kalikawe is chairperson of Association of Women in Tourism Tanzania (AWOTTA). She runs Kiroyera Tours, a pioneering tour company based in Bukoba and Dar es Salaam. She is an expert in the sustainable and environmental tourism sector - a subject she lectures at several universities. Moreover she is the initiator of “The Saturday Tourism School” where she schedules one-day classes that cover the theory and practice of tourism including how to employ yourself on the Tourism value chain.

Vera Thaler is a sustainability specialist at fairunterwegs and is committed to raising awareness and encouraging responsible tourism among travelers and tourism professionals. Vera had the opportunity to visit Tanzania during a 5-week excursion on the topic of "Development and Climate Change Adaptation" with a focus on ecotourism in Zanzibar as part of her Norwegian Bachelor's degree in "International Development and Environment". Inspired by the exciting insights of this trip, Vera decided to do a Master in Sustainable Tourism Management in England.