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Jetzt online: NetTalk "The Tanzanian Energy Sector"

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Unser NetTalk vom 25.01.2022 mit dem Titel "Power to the People or the Industry?- The Tanzanian Energy Sector" steht ab sofort auf unserem Youtube Kanal zur Verfügung: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rLbutBDXCo


  • Thabit Jacob, Senior Resercher at the University of Gothenburg
  • Emma Laswai, Deputy Executive Secretary at TAREA (Tanzania Renewable Energy Association


  • Geofrey Lwila, Tanzania-Network.de

Growing demands for energy poses a major challenge for Tanzania. Torn between the ambitious industrialization agenda and the goal of access to electricity for the entire population, difficult decisions have to be weighted. In the past, hydropower feed-in played a dominant role, which leads to power outages during droughts like those seen by the end of last year.

How can the energy sector be expanded and diversified in a way that is both sustainable and reliable, thus ensuring a supply of electricity for industry and the people?