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zurückERZÄHLT – an Audio Walk to what happened at the Karpfenteich in 1896


Berlin Postkolonial, Dekoloniale_Erinnerungskultur in der Stadt, Initiative Perspektivwechsel, Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung and Tanzania-Network invite:

English and French Launch of zurückERZÄHLT – an Audio Walk to what happened at the Karpfenteich in 1896

zurückERZÄHLT is  a narration about the history of the 106 Black children, women and men wo were actors of the first German colonial world exhibit at the ‘Karpfenteich’ pond in Treptow in 1896. "Recruited" by the Reich government and the colonial authorities in the territories colonised by the Germans, they came to Berlin and had to perform the exhibition organisers' colonial staging there for a summer. Their life at the pond, however, was not only marked by the racist gaze of the public, but also by the many small and large acts of resistance. They fought back with humour and collective refusal. They stood their ground in small ways, as well as in large ones. They left traces.

The launch of the English and French version of zurückERZÄHLT will take place at the site of the colonial world exhibit. You will find time to do the audio walk and have some food. Sauti é Haala and Vincent Jazz will play some music, too. Please bring headphones and a blanket!

Event in English and French (with interpretation in the two languages)

From 1st August on, you’ll find the audio walk on www.zurueckerzaehlt.de

Text and Concept: Joel Vogel and Vincent Bababoutilabo | Sound: Katharina Pelosi | Produktion: studio lärm

The project was financially supported by Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa and Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung.


Treptower Park, Karpfenteich (meeting point: next to lake on the side of the Soviet Memorial; 52.4850652,13.4727848)